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The Festival

TechTalks and Masterclasses

TechTalks and Masterclasses

TechTalks sponsored by

The Discovery Stage at Spikes Asia is home to seven specialised TechTalks; see leading names in the world of creative technology showcase the platforms, products, devices and services that are reshaping the industry, and Masterclasses; hear creative leaders talk lessons learned, words of wisdom, career insights, creative passions, frustrations and ultimately what drives their creativity


Get Real! Experience VR in Action

Omnicom Media Group | Speaker Anathea Ruys and Alan Bacchelli 

A five-year-old can now explore the bottom of the ocean, someone in Indonesia can wander around the art in the Louvre, a gamer can wield a light saber inside the Millennium Falcon and you can sit in a tiny economy seat on a plane and feel like you are watching a movie in a spacious, luxury apartment. All thanks to virtual reality.

With the release of Oculus Rift and Playstation VR in 2016 there has never been more noise around virtual reality. But is it just a fad, will VR devices ever become as ubiquitous as the mobile phone and does it have a role to play in marketing? 

In this TechTalk, Anathea Ruys, Head of Fuse, Asia Pacific, Omnicom Media Group and Alan Bacchelli, Head of Production, Pixelcase will lead you to experience VR through a live streaming event, and explore how VR is changing our world and our brains while investigating the opportunities for brands to make meaningful connections with consumers through this exciting medium and immersive content.

Rise of the Machines; the Impact of VR & AI

TBWA\ Digital Arts Network | Speaker Tuomas Peltoniemi

Technology continues to evolve how people engage and experience the world around them. From entertainment to education, innovations are becoming more seamlessly integrated into everyday life. New formats and the content created on these platforms are attracting different types of audiences, along with the new brands that have come to play in this space.

From immersive entertainment to the rise of the machines, the conventions of experience and interaction from the home to retail spaces are in a state of flux. And everyone is trying to get on board in a rush to make the future happen now.

At the same time, there is a push in the other direction. As technology creates new engagement experiences, people are opting out and going into stealth mode.

Which raises the question, is tech enhancing our experiences, or diluting them?

The Next Wave of Reality: From Virtual to Augmented & Mixed

C2K Communications | Speaker Rod Findley

Virtual reality (VR) has been tipped as the hottest topic in marketing in 2016. But there is a new wave of ‘realities’ building from it that are going to break onto the marketing scene in 2017. The power of augmented reality gaming has been proven by the phenomenal and instant popularity of Pokemon Go. And there is a new world of wearable augmented and mixed reality technology that is just emerging. 

Oculus, Vive, Hololens, Mehta, Magic Leap. How are the ‘new realities’ being used in marketing at present and what does the future hold? Showing a smorgasbord of engaging samples, Rod Findley, Executive Creative Director of C2K, will show the differences between virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and will guide the audience through his predictions on what is brewing for 2017 and beyond. 

Deploying Engaging IoT Technology to Drive Parent-Child Communications and Brand Advocacy

Bowhead Technology | Speaker Amy Chen

In a world that’s more connected than ever before, where IoT technology drives our everyday lives, how can brands use our smart devices to create more meaningful relationships with their target consumers? This is the story of a company that found the answer.

Bowhead Technology was founded by a group of like-minded individuals faced with a similar challenge: in the midst of successful professional careers, they wanted better, healthier ways to play and connect with their children. Their dream is that each generation will be healthier and happier than the last, nurtured by their parents’ love and accompanied by innovation in technology that helps children and parents grow together.

Explore how technology is driving these connections and unpack their journey through the Internet of Things, including a live demonstration of the results of their vision, Gululu, the interactive bottle that keeps kids hydrated.

Creative Mobile Moment Experiences - The Connected Generation Changed Everything

Kiip | Speaker Brian Wong

Smart phones are the universal remote control of our lives. We now live in a world where consumers, at anytime, are able to tell brands what they want and when they want it. 

Tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Kiip, Brian Wong – who was once the youngest person to ever receive venture capital funding – will discuss how mobile has transformed advertising indefinitely and why brands need to pay more attention to mobile moments. Wong will demo Kiip's moments marketing and how top brands can leverage from contextual data to target the right consumers.

When the Creative Genius is a Machine

Xaxis | Speaker Rohan Philips 

While digital marketing technologies have transformed the ability of brands to reach consumers at ever increasing levels of specificity, the actual creative being delivered has often lagged behind. 

Brands have generally addressed this in one of two ways – either using the same general creative across a variety of different audience situations or going through the laborious process of creating thousands of different creative pieces corresponding to a multitude of targeting instances.

Enter ‘programmatic creative’. Programmatic creative refers to computer generated ads that automatically build themselves at run-time using a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what creative elements (images, copy, messaging, etc.) to use. Programmatic creative addresses the fact that while there are nearly endless permutations for relevant advertising, there is not, in fact, a virtually limitless pool of creative to deliver. 

In this session we’ll discuss how brands are using programmatic creative to improve the advertising experience – boosting performance for brands and media owners by improving the overall consumer ad experience across all digital platforms.

The Sound of the Web Experiment

Fjord, Part of Accenture Interactive | Seakers Gabriel Tamborini and Dave Fernandes 

What if we could hear the sound of the web? What if we gave it a beat, rhythm and groove? As digital natives, we’ve spent our whole careers crafting visually beautiful digital experiences to connect users with compelling digital stories. But we often forget about a key sense; our sense of hearing. Sound in the digital space has traditionally received a bad rap, but what if we could re-shape that mindset and tap into the content and interactions of the very experiences we create, and hear what they sounded like?

In this session Gabriel Tamborini and Dave Fernandes will discuss their idea on the Sound of the Web, an exploration with a simple aim: Give the web a beat and allow people to experience its groove. With trillions of megabytes of data transferring across the web, the project analyzes what they sound like by tuning into their ‘data rhythm’. By doing this, we can bring the web to life with sound, using a proof on concept live on stage to demonstrate what the web could sound like.


In Conversation with Silvia Goh and Michael Ritchie

During two masterclass sessions, delve into the creative worlds, hearts and minds of two Spikes Asia Jury President’s: Silvia Goh, Chief Content Officer for Publicis Media, Greater China and Michael Ritchie, Managing Director, Executive Producer for Revolver/Will O’Rourke, Australia.