Dates and Fees

17 April 2019

Awards entries opens

12 July 2019

Early bird ends

16 August 2019

Entry deadline

Release of results

Release of results Shortlists
Mid-September Innovation
25 September 2019 Brand Experience & Activation, Design, Creative eCommerce, Digital Craft, Digital, Direct, Film, Film Craft, Media, Mobile, Outdoor, Print & Publishing, Print & Outdoor Craft, PR and Radio & Audio
26 September 2019 Entertainment
27 September 2019 Creative Effectiveness, Integrated, Healthcare, Glass, Music
27 September 2019 Announced live at the Awards Show
Winners Online for all Spikes


Spikes Asia Award Price in SGD until 12 July Price in SGD after 12 July
Brand Experience & Activation 645 720
Creative eCommerce 645 720
Creative Effectiveness 815 890
Design 525 600
Digital 645 720
Digital Craft 525 600
Direct 525 600
Entertainment 645 720
Film 645 720
Film Craft 645 720
Glass: The Award for Change 525 600
Healthcare 525 600
Innovation 645 720
Integrated 815 890
Media 525 600
Mobile 525 600
Music 525 600
Outdoor 525 600
PR 525 600
Print & Publishing 525 600
Print & Outdoor Craft 525 600
Radio & Audio 525 600


Is your work eligible for Spikes Asia 2019?
To ensure that work judged at Spikes Asia is fresh and reflective of the good ideas that drive the industry forward it is important we structure the competition with eligibility dates.

To be eligible for all Spike Awards (except Creative Effectiveness) your work must have aired, launched or been released to the public for the first time between 1 July 2018 and 31 August 2019 (the “eligibility period”) or

  • if a campaign began before the eligibility period (before 1 July 2018), a minimum of two thirds of the campaign implementation must fall within the eligibility period;
  • if you are entering a campaign that has run over two or more years, you will need to provide proof of the campaign’s evolution from year to year (we have the right to decide if the entry has evolved sufficiently and can be deemed as a new, eligible entry);
  • if you are entering a ‘Campaign of Executions’ (e.g. for Print & Publishing, Outdoor, Film, Film Craft, Print & Outdoor Craft, and Radio & Audio entries), the whole campaign must fall within the eligibility period; and
  • if you are showcasing a continuation of a campaign that aired before the eligibility period then you must clearly show how the campaign has progressed (we have the right to decide if the entry has progressed sufficiently and can be deemed as a new, eligible entry).

The same piece of work cannot be submitted into the same Spike in consecutive years. However, providing the eligibility dates are met, you may enter the work.

Eligibility for Creative Effectiveness only
To be eligible your work must have won or been shortlisted at Spikes Asia 2016, 2017 or 2018.


This helpful summary is only a guide to the key points about refunds/cancellations. It is not a substitute for reading the full rules of entering, terms & conditions, refunds/cancellations and our policies on ineligible and "scam" entries, which can all be downloaded here. 

  • Entrant withdraws on or before 12 July 2018 - receiving a refund
    An entrant may withdraw their entries on or before 12 July 2019 for any reason and be eligible for a refund of the entry fee paid less a processing fee of $130SGD.

  • Entrant withdraws after 12 July 2019 - not receiving a refund
    An entrant may withdraw their entries after 12 July 2019 but will not be eligible for a refund.