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What’s New for Spikes Asia 2024

Several updates have been introduced to Spikes Asia 2024 to enable the Awards to evolve and reflect the ever-changing landscape of the APAC region’s creative industry.

Introducing the new Gaming Spikes 

This year we are introducing the new Gaming Spikes. Over the past few years, the growing trend of using gaming platforms as a means of creative expression has led to a notable surge in the amount of work from the APAC region that uses gaming platforms as a channel for creativity. 

Entries into this Award  will need to demonstrate how brands successfully tapped into complex gaming communities and seamlessly added real value to the overall gaming experience while driving commercial success.

The evolution of the Creative Strategy Spikes 

The Creative Strategy Spikes have evolved from the Strategy & Effectiveness Spikes. This Award celebrates the idea behind the idea, and highlights how strategic planning has the power to reshape a brand, transform its business and shape consumer behaviour.

To be successful, entries will need to demonstrate how the creative ideas, strategic planning and executions are deeply embedded in the strategic foundations of the work.

Refresh to the Media Spikes 

The Media Spikes have seen a refresh for 2024, aiming to align with the dynamic landscape of the Media industry. There has been a restructure of the categories with the addition of the ‘Insights & Media Strategy’ section. The updated Media Award seeks to celebrate the craftsmanship of harnessing media to deliver a brand message and change behaviour or engage consumers at scale.

Entries into the ‘Excellence in Media Craft’ section can only be submitted and paid for by Independent Media Agencies or a company owned by a Media Network or Independent Media Network. This section will sit outside the existing maximum limits for entry within the Media Spikes, by Media Agencies only. 

Introduction of categories that celebrate creative business transformation 

For 2024, categories celebrating transformation work have been added to Brand Experience & Activation and PR Spikes Awards.

Successful work in these categories should demonstrate how creative transformation has been successfully implemented across core business functions, leading to a positive impact and promoting the growth of the business.

Entries must demonstrate measurable transformation occurring within a three-year eligibility period.

Retiring the Mobile Spikes Award 

Mobile devices are embedded in work across every channel and discipline. Over the past number of years mobile-led creativity has been expanding into many different Awards, from Direct and Entertainment to Healthcare and Commerce.

To reflect this shift, the categories in the Mobile Award have been integrated across the relevant Spikes Asia Awards.

Introducing Cultural Context across the Spikes Asia Awards

Spikes Asia welcomes submissions from across the APAC region and with that comes the broad range of cultural contexts that shape and influence each piece of work. These cultural insights may not be clear to everyone in the judging panel so it’s very important for the Jury to understand the cultural nuances of a particular piece of work and why it is significant in the market where it ran.

To ensure equal opportunities for success, entrants must  include the cultural context behind each piece of work. This includes a detailed explanation of the cultural intricacies surrounding the work and its significance for the specific brand and the specific market where it was implemented.

Embedding Sustainability across the Spikes Asia Awards

Spikes Asia is a proud member of Ad Net Zero and as part of this, we support the industry’s drive to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing and airing creative work to real net zero by 2030.

In 2024, entrants will have the opportunity to provide information that outlines their C02 emissions as part of the production process, using AdNet Zero’s five-point Action Plan as a guide. In this first year, the information will not be included as part of the judging process or shared publicly, but will be used to understand the current  state of play with regards sustainability across APAC creativity.

A drive for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

For 2024, entrants will have the opportunity to provide information about the composition of the teams involved in the creation of the work and any relevant information about the brand and contributing companies DE&I agenda. The information won’t be part of the judging process or shared publicly but is intended to measure progress in this area and help inform future criteria. 

The addition of the Metaverse across the Spikes Asia Awards

Spikes Asia 2024 will see the introduction of the Metaverse into categories focused on New Realities and Emerging Tech. For the purposes of the Awards, the use of the Metaverse is defined as ‘the creative application of immersive experiences which creatively push the boundaries of technology’. 

Other category descriptions across the Spikes Asia Awards have been expanded to include virtual worlds, new realities and the associated technology and innovations.