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Festival of Creativity
27 - 29 September 2017

Special Awards

General Rules


We set out below the rules that will govern the awarding of Spikes Asia Special Awards for the Spikes Asia Festival 2017 (the “Rules”) due to take place 27-29 September 2017. In the most part, the criteria for the Special Awards remain unchanged from last year, but we have clarified some of the criteria and applied some new procedural rules. Note in particular the hard deadline of 10 September 2017 for providing information regarding ownership of Agencies and Companies for the purposes of calculations for Special Awards.


1.1 Special Awards are awards that are won by the calculation of points rather than awarded by a jury (as set out below).

1.2 The Spikes Festivals Rules for Special Awards shall apply to the awarding of all Special Awards.

1.3 Each Special Award shall also have a set of specific rules (the “Award Specific Rules”):

1.3.1 Network of the Year

1.3.2 Agency of the Year

1.3.3 Media Agency of the Year

1.3.4 Independent Agency of the Year

1.3.5 Spikes Palme

1.4 Where there is a discrepancy between the Rules for Special Awards and the General Awards Rules, the Rules for Special Awards shall take precedence.

1.5 The points awarded to shortlisted or winning Agencies or Companies will be credited towards all Special Awards for which they are eligible. For example, points from winning entries from:

1.5.1 Agencies (that are not Independent Agencies) will automatically contribute to the Network of the Year, Media Agency of the Year and Agency of the Year depending on the Role in which they are credited.

1.5.2 Independent Agencies will automatically contribute to the Independent Agency of the Year Award, Media Agency of the Year and the Agency of the Year Award depending on the Role in which they are credited.

1.5.3 Production Companies, or companies in a film production role, credited in Film, Film Craft, Entertainment Spikes and Film, Branded Content and Film Craft entries in Spikes Health will automatically contribute to the Spikes Palme award .



The following words and expressions have the following meanings in the Rules:

2.1 Additional Company shall mean a single office of any company credited within an entry with a secondary role which does not attract any points towards special awards

2.2 Agency shall mean a single office of an advertising, communications, PR, Design or other agency that is a service based business dedicated to creating advertising and other forms of promotional marketing and communications in any media for its clients.

2.2 Campaign shall mean 2 or more advertisements for the same client and with a connecting theme that are awarded a Spike collectively.  

2.4 Companies shall be the collective term for Agencies, Contributing Companies and Production Companies.

2.5 Entrant Company shall mean the party who submits an entry. In the event that an entry is shortlisted or wins, the Entrant Company receives any trophies or certificates awarded. However, the Entrant Company will not receive any points towards Special Awards unless they are also credited in one of the point winning fields in the entry form.

2.6 Holding Company shall mean the parent company of a group of Companies or Agencies.

2.7 Independent Agency shall mean an Agency that is (a) majority (51% or more) owned by its management or independent shareholders; and (b) not associated with any Holding Company, Network or listed entity. For the avoidance of doubt, Agencies that are not part of a Network but which are owned more than 20% by a Holding Company are not considered to be an Independent Agency. The number of offices an Agency has and the number of countries in which an Agency is located is irrelevant as to whether an Agency is an Independent Agency.

2.8 Spikes shall mean a Spikes award given to an Entrant Company.

2.9 Spikes Festivals shall mean Spikes Festivals Limited Registered at 21 Media Circle #05-05 Infinite Studios Singapore 138562

2.10 Network shall mean a group of Companies or Agencies which satisfy the criteria for the Network of the Year Award.

2.11 Spike Palme Categories shall mean the following categories in the Spikes Asia Festival: Film, Film Craft and Entertainment Spikes

2.12 Production Company shall mean a single office of a production company which is responsible for the creation, realisation and/or filming of film or video content.

2.13 Relevant Period shall mean 1 July 2015 and 31 August 2017  (inclusive).

2.14 Rules shall mean the General Rules and the Rules for Special Awards.

2.15 Special Awards shall mean all awards that are won by the calculation of points rather than awarded by a jury, namely the Network of the Year, the Agency of the Year, the Independent Agency of the Year, the Spike Palme and the Media Agency of the Year.



3.1 General entries for Spikes Asia 2017 must relate to work carried out during the Relevant Period.

3.2 Entrant Companies will be asked formally to declare which, if any, Network, Healthcare Network and/or Holding Company each credited company is affiliated to at the point of entry.

3.3 All Entrant Companies are encouraged to make due and careful enquiry of their legal counsel, company secretary, or Chief Financial Officer to establish ownership credentials.

3.4 6 September 2017 to 5pm BST, 14 September 2017

3.4.1 All Agencies and Companies credited to Spikes Asia 2017 will be displayed online (the “Data”) and, regardless of Holding Company, Network or Healthcare Network, will be viewable by all Representatives.

3.4.2 Representatives will be invited to view and check the Data and will be allowed to submit to Spikes Festivals any comments or challenges to any of the Data, provided actual verifiable evidence is submitted to support the request for change.

3.5 After 5pm, 14 September 2017, all information regarding Agencies and Companies will be considered locked in and no further information or amendments will be considered for the purposes of calculations for Special Awards.

3.6 Any shortlisted or winning entries from Companies or Agencies not listed by 5pm BST on 14 September 2017 will not count towards the Special Awards.



4.1 It is incumbent on all entrants to cooperate with SpikesAsia and for all Representatives to provide Spikes Asia with:

4.1.1 accurate information; and

4.1.2 sufficient information to enable Spikes Asia to determine whether an Agency or Company is affiliated with a Network, Holding Company and/or Healthcare Network.

4.2 Spikes Asia will not be responsible for omissions or wrongful inclusions if they have been provided with inaccurate or insufficient information.

4.3 Spikes Asia shall have the right to disqualify at any time any entrant which has submitted false, deliberately misleading or fraudulent information.

4.4 Spikes Asia shall have absolute discretion in determining:

4.4.1 an Agency or Company’s eligibility for a Special Award;

4.4.2 whether an Agency or Company falls within a Network, Holding Company and/or or Healthcare Network;

4.4.3 any ambiguity in the Rules or any dispute between competing entrants as to any aspect of the Rules;

4.4.4 whether an entrant has submitted false, deliberately misleading or fraudulent information;

4.4.5 whether any correction is necessary to ensure the accuracy and integrity of Spikes Asia; and

4.4.6 to make such amendment to the Rules as are necessary to add clarity or resolve any ambiguity.

4.5 For the avoidance of doubt, in determining whether any correction is necessary under Rule 5.4.4 above, no account will be taken of any new information received by Spikes Asia after 5pm BST on 14 September 2017.



5.1 The Representative shall identify any information which is not in the public domain and which it considers to be confidential. Unless specified, the information provided will not be treated as confidential.

5.2 Spikes Asia will not divulge to any person, except to its professional representatives or advisers or as may be required by law or any legal or regulatory authority, any information that is confidential and has been identified to Spikes Asia as confidential by the Representative.