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Young Spikes Digital Competition

Young Spikes Digital Competition

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Create an innovative social media campaign in just two days and make a name for yourself in the industry

What is the Young Spikes Digital Competition?

The Young Spikes Digital Competition will challenge teams to create an Integrated Social Media campaign.

Teams will be briefed by a client and expected to use social media as a platform to solve a problem.

The competitors will be expected to show how the power of social media can answer the client’s brief and provide a creative solution aligned to the technological evolution of social media.

The campaign should be presented in three parts:

1. Creative insight - How can creativity help solve the problem using social media platforms and technology?
2. Solution – What are the platforms, technology and tools used and why?
3. How it works – How will the social media solution help answer the brief and solve the problem faced by the client?

Each team will be expected to include a 250-word explanation for each part with links to relevant mock-ups, images etc. Teams should include a maximum of three social media platforms in their supporting material within the online presentation page.

Teams will be judged on how they have used social media in a creative way to answer the client’s brief, as well as insight into how the technology will help solve the communication problem.

A panel of expert judges will judge each entry and select the winners, who will be awarded Gold medals at the Spikes Asia Awards Ceremony. They will also receive full delegate passes to Spikes Asia 2017.

Who is it for?

Competitors must be aged 30 years or under (born after 23 September 1985) and employed in the advertising/communications businesses, in a skill discipline relevant to their chosen competition.

Teams are chosen through a pre-selection process in their own countries. They will participate in the Young Spikes Competitions, held during the Spikes Asia Festival, and compete against young creatives from all over the world.

How can I take part?

For more information on how to enter the 2016 competition, contact your local rep or email us.

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21 - 23 September 2016

Suntec City, Singapore

You are
  • Are aged 30 years or under (born after 23 September 1985)

  • Are employed in an advertising/communications business, in a skill discipline relevant to this competition
Contact us

For more information on how to enter the 2016 competition, contact your local rep or email us.

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