FAQ - Accommodation

Is accommodation included in the cost of the pass?

No. The festival suggests options for accommodation, however the registration fee is for your delegate registration only.

Where can I book accommodation?

All Spikes Asia delegates are eligible to book accommodation at competitive rates, from a choice of selected hotels close to the festival venue. Once passes have been purchased, you can book your rooms here.

When will I get confirmation of my accommodation?

Once you reserve your room(s) online and process the payment, the hotel will contact you directly to confirm the booking.

How and to whom do we pay the deposit?

Deposits must be paid directly to the hotel. Their bank details and accepted methods of payment can be found on their website. If they are not, please contact the hotel directly for payment information.

What do I do if I wish to amend my booking?

Any changes to a booking must be communicated to the hotel directly. Please be aware that any changes close to the Festival may incur cancellation charges. For more details, please see our accommodation Terms & Conditions.

Do I have to inform the hotel myself if I cancel my booking and will I get my deposit refunded?

All requests to cancel a booking must be communicated to the hotel and festival in writing. Deposits may be refunded according to the cancellation policy of each hotel, but please check the Terms & Conditions on our website for specific policy information.