Local Representatives

Connecting you to Spikes Asia through the year

Our network of official Representatives are champions for creativity in their respective corners of the region. They support their local agencies and clients, working together to give them the best possible shot at success at the event.

How your Representative can help:

  1. Nominating Jury Members Each year, Representatives identify their country's best creative talent and nominate exemplary industry members for places in the Spikes Asia Juries, ensuring the most qualified, balanced judging panels.

  2. Organising local Young Spikes Competitions Representatives organise local competitions to select teams of budding industry stars to go forward to take part in the annual Young Spikes competitions.

  3. Hosting Local Awards Ceremonies Following the annual event, Representatives organise local celebrations, honouring the winners from Spikes Asia.

  4. Screenings of the Work If you didn't get a chance to come to the Spikes Asia event or catch all the winners while you were there, your Representative will get you up to speed. Screenings of the work following the final year give you a chance to check out all the winning work.

  5. Answer Questions Your Representative is available to answer questions, help you to register as a delegate or enter your work. If they don’t know the answer, they can refer you to the best people to help in the Spikes Asia events team.