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How to win a Spike

2023 video briefing

If you're thinking of submitting your entry to Spikes Asia 2023 make sure to watch the How to Win a Spike briefing where our Awards Expert, Rebecca Peacock will guide you on everything you need to know in order to give your entry the best chance of winning.

Becky is an Awards Partner at Spikes Asia and Cannes Lions and works within the Awards team. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the entering process and assists companies in entering their work by highlighting best practices and insights from past winners and jury members. She also runs category workshops and offers regular catch-ups throughout the process.

During the first part of the briefing Rebecca will talk you through the data of what winning an award can do for your business as well as the numbers behind past Spikes Asia and Cannes Lions festivals. You'll also learn about the changes we made to Spikes Asia 2023, plus a closer look at the evolved Creative Commerce Spikes and refreshed Media Spikes.

In part two of the briefing you’ll learn how to choose the best Spikes and categories for your work, what materials you’ll need to prepare for your entry, and advice on how to make the magic of your idea as clear as possible for the Jury – with guidance from past Jurors, and winners.