Think Tank

What is it?

It’s Personal: Creative Marketing That Matters

Creative marketing today is all about creating personal experiences that connects with the hearts, minds & desires of individual consumers. It’s a lofty goal – and the posts are constantly changing. Even as new technologies open up fresh possibilities for marketing communication, consumers are increasingly switching off and opting out.

To get out of the gate, marketers need to make it personal, make it contextual and ultimately make it matter. Think Tank will help you understand how far consumers in our region are willing to go when it comes to sharing their data; how to harness new technologies to create personal experiences in a relevant, not gimmicky, way; and shake off stereotypes to create campaigns that cuts to the heart of who today’s consumers really are.

Who is it for?

Taking place on Thursday 22 September, the programme aims to better understand creativity, and ensure that client strategies remain effective in today's constantly evolving business environment.

The Think Tank is designed for senior marketers and brand managers working within a client organisation in the APAC region.

How much does it cost?

SGD $1,345

How can I take part?

Places are limited and available on an application basis.

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Thursday 22 September

2016 Moderator

Nicole Fall
Associate Fellow, Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, CEO, Asian Consumer Intelligence

Nicole Fall is an Associate Fellow at the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, as well as CEO of strategic research, innovation consultancy and trend forecasting agency Asian Consumer Intelligence. She has 19 years of experience in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore & Malaysia) and specializes in FMCG categories with a primary focus on Asian consumer, consumption and product trends.

Her career spans roles as a journalist, trend forecaster, advertising planner, researcher and agency owner utilizing expertise in market analysis, reporting, project management, strategic research and new business development to ultimately help brands develop more effective goods and services. She had led the creation of a profitable member's-only online trend platform enabling development of new skill sets focused on user experience and design, digital content and editorial management, and launching a successful digital marketing strategy to promote this service.