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26 - 28 September 2018



2009 Direct & Sales Promotion


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CategoryA05. Alternative Media
Name Company Position
Stephen Mui Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Executive Creative Director & Art Director
Yiping Liu Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Creative Director & Art Director
Ning Xue Guangzhou Newsun/JWTAdvertising Creative Director
Shanliang Zhang Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Copywriter
Chaowen Zheng Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Copywriter
Weijun Lin Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Art Director
Desheng Dai Guangzhou Newsun/JWT Advertising Retouch

Describe the brief from the client:

China has become one of the largest countries that consume wild animals. A recent research by Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS)shows that the people who consume wild animals have expanded from “the wealthy” to “the public”. Therefore, we decided to launch a campaign to increase public awareness of the urgency to protect endangered wild animals, and to give up the consumption of wild animals.

Creative Execution:

Close to one fourth of adults have the habit of buying lotteries, and these people are also the emerging market for wild animal consumption; Many people are supportive of or indifferent to eating wild animals. They don’t care much about relevant ads and commercials that discourage people from doing so. “Lottery ticket”, an innovative medium, would attract the target audience more easily. Everyone dreams of winning one million dollars from lotteries, and when they realize the chance of seeing endangered wild animals is even smaller, they are likely to be touched.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our creative solution is lottery ticket. In China, close to one fourth of adults have the habit of buying lotteries. We compared the probability of winning the one million lottery and that of seeing the endangered species, and found out the later was smaller. We therefore designed a series of simulated lotteries based on the comparison, which were distributed near lottery purchase centers, at the zoo, included in direct mails and tickets to lectures etc, conveying the following message to the target audience: to win the 1,000,000 lottery is difficult, but to see the endangered species is even more difficult!

Describe the results in as much detail as possible.

Over 1,200, 000 people participated. 95% of them said this campaign was interesting and impressive. 93% of the people interviewed said they would never eat wild animals or buy accessories made from them again. More than 20 major media, including TV stations, newspapers and websites covered and followed up the campaign. The number of visitors to the WCS website increased about 155%. The total cost of the activity was less than 500 USD.