EntrantOMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Type of EntryUse of Media
CategoryBest Use of Television/Cinema
Entrant Company:OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency:OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Name Company Position
Calvin Fu OMD Content Director
Manfred Tseng OMD Business Director
Davy Sun OMD Planning Director
Xia Sheng OMD Planner
Gigi Chen OMD Project Manager - Content team

Results and Effectiveness:

Massive Sales increase of180% over forecasted KPIs. 71% lift in actual sales volume. Regular exposure whet consumers’ appetite, Guest count increased by 153%.

Creative Execution:

• 30” rollovers appeared in the goal replays or exciting moments during the LIVE game, and prompted viewers to dial-up McD’s for home delivery … without having to leave the couch! • Of course we ran the traditional 30” and 15” TVCs in support during the half-time and before/after matches to build exposure and outline meal deals and offers… but given the nature of viewing and attention factors, these were used as reinforcement and extension of the main game messages as opposed to the singular lead messaging tactic. • 5” Billboard before the game and sports news acted as further reminders of McDonald’s convenient delivery offer • In addition, the campaign was supported by national TV campaign, and local OOH, internet, newspaper and giant displays. 3. Results and Effectiveness (100 words max) • What happened as a result of the communication activity? • How did the communication achieve the goals and influence business outcomes? • Include commercial results such as sales and profit as well as change in consumer awareness and attitudes The results were outstanding – and drove a significant response • Sales: 71% sales growth … and 1.8x over forecasted KPIs • Guest Count: Growth is 56% above target 1.73 Times Breakthrough solution on exposure • Unique exposure during the live broadcast. • Over 1500TARPs in Guangdong Province • Total impression is over 375Mil • Higher return comparing with other sponsor at the same level of investment – 76% more no of exposure than other sponsor at same investment – Duration of exposure is double • MDS message was embedded in the program, has been carried during any replay, extended exposure without and additional cost

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:

What were the business, marketing and communications objectives that lay behind the case? • Describe the target audience and their relationship with the brand. • Explain the unique insight that shaped the idea. • How was it relevant to both the client and the target audience? • McDonald’s has just launched a 24/7 delivery service in Guangdong … we wanted to use FIFA World Cup as a way to demonstrate this non-stop convenience in a relevant and meaningful wa,y particularly to fans who feel a little peckish in the early hours of the morning! • World cup fanatics are glued to the screen for ALMOST the entire game. • Regular advertising at half-times are the perfect opportunity for them to refresh, recharge, or relieve... leaving advertisers speaking to a less attentive audience … at worst an empty sofa! • Given the need to find a space that McDonald’s could stand out, and the language preference of our core audience, we partnered Guangdong Sports to create a bespoke TV co-op which positioned McDonald’s messages IN-GAME in a completely relevant and exciting way. • The solus position ensured maximum viewership to meet our launch reach KPIs.