Type of EntryUse of Media
CategoryBest Use of Magazines/Newspapers
Entrant Company:LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency:LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Name Company Position
KV Sridhar Leo Burnett India National Creative Director
Amod Dani Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Amod Dani, Sadanand Narvekar Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Sadanand Narvekar, Amod Dani Leo Burnett India Art Director
Gaurav Lalwani Leo Burnett India Account Supervisor
Sharan Sabhchandani Leo Burnett India Account Manager
Pooja Motwani Leo Burnett India Brand Associate
Bhushan Patil Leo Burnett India Illustrator
Avudhut Hembade Freelance Photographer

Results and Effectiveness:

The Tide ‘Magttraction’ campaign was showcased in one of India’s leading consumer magazine: Star weekly: carrying features and content regarding the Indian film industry, Bollywood news, general TV entertainment and latest fashion trends. The popular magazine has a nation-wide audience of over 40,000 readers. Post the release of the campaign Tide’s value share grew from 8.2% to 9.1% in just a matter of 3 months.

Creative Execution:

Asked to promote the Tide Dirt Magnets property, the Tide ‘Magttraction’ magazine campaign included some magnetized sample packs, and iron filings. The close nature of the interactivity between the readers and their experience of pulling away the stain from the garments left them stunned and smiling. The interactive nature of the Tide ‘Magttraction’ creative truly hit the right chords. Asking the reader to pull away the stain from the white garments, leaving them looking as good as new, the Tide dirt magnets campaign truly engaged the reader. The simple product demonstration, left the reader surprised, stunned with a smile. Tide’s campaign is a true example of how even a product demonstration can be a great example of the HumanKind approach. Thereby creating a purpose for the Tide’s existence in people’s lives. This simple product demonstration truly hit the right human chords by placing interactivity, surprise and excitement at the forefront.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:

Consumers feel laundry is a chore and their detergent doesn’t really help in any way, laundry brands show complicated demos which all land up looking the same and never really explain how the product helps simplify their laundry. Consumers no longer believe in complicated claims and scientific product stories, they are longing to really see how the product really works. Tide actually has the ability to pull stains out of clothes and we realized that consumers love to see this simple action. Therefore we developed the Dirt Magnets visualization. We wish to communicate to the consumer in a telegraphic way that Tide really works to make their laundry task easier by using a simple device – a Magnet to demonstrate the product action to the consumer.