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Type of EntryCorporate or Brand Itendity
Entrant Company:LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Design/Advertising Agency:LEO BURNETT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Name Company Position
KV Sridhar Leo Burnett National Creative Director
Payal Juthani Leo Burnett Creative Director
Nadine Pereira Leo Burnett Designer
Zainab Karachiwala Leo Burnett Designer
Sachin Kamath Leo Burnett Creative Consultant - Copy
Seema Sood Leo Burnett Director - Events & PR
Ankur Mitra Leo Burnett Account Director

Brief Explanation

Decades ago, Mahatma Gandhi taught us the values of truth and non-violence. However considering the social upheavals in today's times, they probably seem more relevant in the current day and age. Considering which, we had to create a medium to reinstate the Mahatma's vision of love and peace among the youth of the country and thereby inspire them to look at the world through the vision of the Mahatma. The fonts act as a medium of expression that the youth can use, not only to follow the Mahatma's vision but also to start a revolution of their own.

Describe the brief from the client:

The purpose was to make the Mahatma Gandhi's vision of love and peace relevant and attractive to the urban youth of the country. The thought behind the initiative was to create something that is interesting for the web-savvy youth. Considering the digital age that we live in, the life of the youth revolves heavily around the use of the Internet and computers, be it for education, profession or entertainment. Hence we had to come up with an idea that was interactive and shareable to relate to his online behaviour.

Description of how you arrived at the final design:

Mahatma Gandhi's spectacles are not only representative of him but also his vision of a peaceful world that he saw through them. Which is why, we designed the Gandhijifont in Devanagari, by incorporating his glasses subtly in each letter. Our aim was to get the digitized fonts to act as a new tool of expression for the youth in today's digital world. The website was aptly launched on 2nd of October 2010 to commemorate the 141st birth anniversary of the Mahatma.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:

The launch of Gandhijifont was covered by all the leading publications and channels in the country. Due to this media buzz, the website saw over 2,000 hits on the day of launch. There were more than 500 name plates and postcards generated through an online application on the website. Shrimati Tara Gandhi Bhattacharya, the Mahatma's grand daughter and Vice Chairman of Gandhi Samriti Trust unveiled the font to the Vice President of India, His Excellency Shri Hamid Ansari. The font has also been presented to the ambassador of love and peace - Shri Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of the Mahatma.