Short List
EntrantJWT Jakarta, INDONESIA
Type of EntryPackaging Design
Entrant Company:JWT Jakarta, INDONESIA
Design/Advertising Agency:JWT Jakarta, INDONESIA
Name Company Position
Ivan Hady Wibowo JWT Executive Creative Director
Selwyn Irawan JWT Art Director
Sebastian Chendra JWT Art Director
Leonard Wiguna JWT Associate CD / Art Director
Ratna Puspita JWT Sr. Copywriter
Budi Mulianto JWT Print Producer
Peddy Suryadinata Clarissa + Peddy Photography Photographer
Utomo Rahardjo Digital 217 Photographer
Taufik Myman Canla Digital Imaging Artist
Rudy Harianto Digital Imaging Artist
Poso marwan Digital Imaging Artist

Brief Explanation

Challenges: Consumers in Indonesia always test their light bulb before buying and it's a tedious effort: they have to take out the bulb out of its pack to test and put it back in afterwards. The key objective: To simplify testing process, as well as to represent Krisbow as the innovative, energy saver light bulb.

Describe the brief from the client:

To increase trials and brand awareness.

Description of how you arrived at the final design:

We create an innovative packaging that allows consumers to test light bulb without taking it out of the pack. The new pack has a hole at the bottom part to connect to the tester. While the city buildings windows on its sides will bring out a bright magical city view that lights up the bulb-testing experience.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:

- Krisbow new packaging stands out more on display. - 300% more trials than before the new pack launching. - Sales increases up to 78% - Consumers actually collect the packagings in their homes.