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Festival of Creativity
27 - 29 September 2017




CategoryA01. Corporate Information
Entrant Company:NON-GRID Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising/Web Design Agency:LINUX CAFE Tokyo, JAPAN
Name Company Position
Hidekazu Sakane Linux Café Executive Producer
Hiroshi Koike Non-Grid Creative Derector
Tatsuaki Ashikaga Non-Grid Producer
Ryuta Ohara Non-Grid Project Manager
Takanori Nishi Non-Grid Art Director
Takanori Nishi Non-Grid Designer
Hiroaki Kitamura Non-Grid Technical Director
Hiroaki Kitamura Non-Grid Flash Engineer
Teruo Nakanishi Non-Grid Flash Engineer
Kazzmasa Tsujimura Non-Grid Computer Graphics
Hideaki Takahashi aiding Sound

Brief Explanation

This special website is for the general contractor, OBAYASHI CORPORATION. As we travel through time, our surroundings develop reflecting the growth of cities which OBAYASHI's projects influenced. Our journey continues towards TOKYO SKY TREE, one of the highest TV towers in the world, and beyond combining Flash movies, CG and music to give the user a rich, emotional experience from the Meiji era through the Heisei era. We aimed to meet the client's request, which was to inform the general public about the client's activities past and present, creating a holistic interactive representation of the OBAYASHI CORPORATION.