Type of EntryUse of Direct
CategoryDirect Response Digital Media
Product/ServiceIMPREZA XV
Name Company Position
Andy DiLallo Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Creative Director
Gary Dawson Leo Burnett Sydney Creative Director
Kieran Ots Leo Burnett Sydney Digital Creative Director
A. Chris Moreira Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Kieran Ots Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Cameron Harris Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Mark Schöller Leo Burnett Sydney Copywriter
Gary Dawson Leo Burnett Sydney Copywriter
Justin McMillan Director
Dave Klaiber Plaza Films Director
Gillian McNaughton Leo Burnett Sydney Planner
Kevin Brown Leo Burnett Sydney Developer
Rita Gagliardi Leo Burnett Sydney Producer
Shani Tomkins Leo Burnett Sydney Producer
David Mugford Leo Burnett Sydney Designer
Keong Seet Leo Burnett Sydney Interface Developer
Patrick Fileti Leo Burnett Sydney Director
Libby Weston-Webb Leo Burnett Sydney Snr Account Director
Thomas Grace Leo Burnett Sydney Account Manager
Cameron Harris Leo Burnett Sydney Director

Describe the brief from the client:

The brief was to launch the new Subaru XV to a target audience of young 22-28 year old Australians, and to demonstrate it’s cross-over abilities; a car at home in the city and beyond. The target audience was to be primarily new customers, and our strategy was to clearly position the car as the antidote to a dull, mundane life, by demonstrating that it could reconnect overworked Australians with their birthright-the great outdoors.

Creative Execution:

The strength of the campaign lay in the fact that all touch points clearly targeted those suffering from severe work induced boredom. Our campaign not only empathised with their situation but offered a fun solution that firmly positioned the new Subaru XV as the antidote to the daily grind. What’s more, by connecting and delivering our audience to the great outdoors, we could to bring to life and demonstrate the versatility of the car in an exciting, fun and surprising way.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We launched XV Rescue, a Subaru funded Public Service dedicated to rescuing Australians from their mind numbing work places, and at its heart was the new Subaru Impreza XV. We promoted it through a community based campaign that recognized the symptoms of an overworked nation. And by directing people to xv, our online emergency centre designed to offer assistance to those who could no longer cope, we connected them directly to a brand that they may previously have never considered. The desired outcome was to give them the opportunity to discover more about the car for themselves.

Describe the results in as much detail as possible.

The campaign exceeded all expectations within the Australian marketplace. In just 8 weeks Subaru sold all XV’s, reaching their sales target well ahead of schedule. Subaru established a foothold in a segment they’d previously not occupied- crossover vehicles. Of the 21,893 unique users, 4,327 entered the promotion- a phenomenal conversion rate of 19.76%. 66,830 interacted with our rich media teaser banners. Of those who interacted with the banners and watched the video content (288,000) 1.97% clicked through to the microsite. More importantly, Subaru had begun a conversation with a whole new target audience they’d previously never appealed to.