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Festival of Creativity
27 - 29 September 2017

The Festival



TechTalks sponsored by

The Innovation Stage at Spikes Asia is home to seven specialised TechTalks; see leading names in the world of creative technology showcase the platforms, products, devices and services that are reshaping the industry.

Enhancing the Experience: Bringing AR to Public Spaces

MediaMonks | Speaker Rene Bokhorst and Victor Knaap

Thursday September 28 2017, 10:30 to 11:15

Most people can't relate to issues like deforestation because it's just not a part of their daily lives. So to help create daily relevance for a serious global issue, MediaMonks, WWF, Google and Lenovo built an immersive virtual experience called “Into the Wild”, covering the entire exhibition space in Singapore’s ArtScience Museum.

In this talk, Main Monk Victor Knaap and MediaMonks Singapore's Technical Director René Bokhorst will take the audience through the large-scale, never-done-before project from brief to execution and how AR can enhance public spaces.

René and Victor will also touch on what this could mean for the future of not only AR, but public installations and the causes they supports. And further, the talk will demonstrate how the AR experience transcended the virtual world to effect change in the real world, with 5,000 new trees planted at the end of the first month to combat the problem.

Where Will Your Customers be in the Future?

Omnicom Media group | Speakers Regina Goh and Lee Smith

Thursday September 28 2017, 11:45 to 12:30

Regardless of where we are in the technology cycle, consumer location and movement data change marketing technology.

Brands can gain powerful insights by using historical movement data to discover where consumers have been and where they are going next. Movement data, coupled with time and frequency analysis, is a significant indicator of consumer intent. Advertisers are moving beyond the real-time capabilities of location technology towards advanced behavioural data and AI-powered applications.

In this session, Lee Smith of OMG and Regina Goh of Blis will explore how movement and location data planning can drive smarter audience targeting, predict consumer location behaviour and drive footfall for advertisers.

VR Contents: The Next Step to an Ultimate Sensorial Experience

Cheil Worldwide | Speaker Eun Young Koh

Thursday September 28 2017, 14:30 to 15:15

From extreme rollercoasters to kayaking in Icelandic waterfalls, Cheil’s Virtual Reality experiential solutions have enabled audience to experience the places and activities they could only dream of.

Creating synergy with various technical solutions, VR experiences are becoming more real than reality itself.
However, once the extremes are conquered, what would be the next step for VR?

Thanks to high capacity compression technology, users can stream 3D-rendered virtual world anywhere, any time. In this session, Eun-young Koh will share the insights and visions on next generation VR creatives and paradigm, captured from interviewing the three VR masters in Cheil Worldwide.

CoDigital: Conversations Will Drive Digital Marketing Tomorrow

Intel | Speaker Amit Mangwani

Thursday September 28 2017, 15:45 to 16:30

For too long, conversations between brands and users have been a one-way traffic. But that's changed in the last couple of years as today's customers - though loyal to their brand - have become more and more accustomed to a higher level of engagement and immediate responses.

The advent of chatbots, driven by AI, natural language processes and creative campaigns are allowing brands to engage with customers in real-time, breaking away from the earlier mode of unidirectional digital marketing. Marketing strategies across the world are shifting to include bots in their campaigns. Delivering a more hands-on customer service, developing leads and generating revenue, building the brand’s identity - chatbots are helping brands grow, even while brands are making their presence stronger in our lives.

Shhh, A.I. is listening!

Uncanny Valley | Speakers Charlton Hill and Justin Shave

Wednesday September 27 2017, 10:30 to 11:15

How do we get machines to listen to music and sound the way that humans do? How is this useful? Could the information extracted from music and sound be used to calm us, excite us, warn us, make us act or engage, make us feel differently?

Machine listening involves software that can use sound to locate people moving through rooms, monitor machinery for impending breakdowns, or even listen to the emotion embodied in a song. Human interpretation of audio signals is a complex perceptual mechanism and AI is getting closer every day to being able to extract meaningful information from sound.

Audio perception also plays a major role in virtual or augmented experiences. What if you can trick the brain into believing it's feeling music and sound in the way your body is used to physically receiving it? Or what if you can create music just by thinking it?

In this pondering, funny and often loud presentation, music tech industry disrupters Justin Shave and Charlton Hill provide an overview of the current AI music and sound landscape and a roadmap for audio technology enhanced creativity.

Speak Easy: The Future Answers To You

Beijing Ling Long Co. | Speakers Fang Lu and Lo Sheung Yan

Friday September 29 2017, 10:30 to 11:15

Across Asia, smart home speakers like Ding Dong, Alexa and Clova are starting to make their way into consumers' homes, marking an inexorable shift in how consumers in the region interact with brands.

As AI developments in voice recognition and NLP continue apace, voice is set to become a primary form of interaction with technology. This presents vast opportunities - and fundamental challenges for marketing that are still unfolding across this nascent tech landscape.

J. Walter Thompson, Kantar TNS & Mindshare conducted research in five Asian markets as part of a global study into the implications of voice technology for consumers and brands. Working closely with Ling Long, whose Ding Dong device is taking China by storm, the team conducted a consumer deep dive to learn more about how they interact with voice.

Fang Lu, Vice President of Beijing LingLong Co, and J. Walter Thompson’s Asia Pacific Creative Council Chairman, Lo Sheung Yan, will share insights from the study, and case studies that are unfolding in real time, to explore how brands and creatives in Asia can prepare for a voice-first world.

Decentralised Advertising: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Blockchain?

minimob | Speaker Colin Miles

Friday September 29 2017, 11:45 - 12:30

There has been a lot of huffing-and-puffing about bitcoin – and it’s more fundamentally disruptive brother the block-chain. Not surprisingly, Advertising hasn’t been left untouched – but is it standing in a straw house? Can the ‘blocks’ themselves become the bricks to a solid new foundation for advertisers; or are they a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Disruption for digital advertising in the near future will mean creative decentralisation. The distributed ledger (or blockchain) has given the world a radically new way to remake itself – and theoretically, could set consumers free from captive campaigns in walled gardens. As such, the advertising industry has a chance to unleash a different way of engaging consumers; but, can it accept and underwrite the challenge both financially and creatively?

  • An intro to the blockchain! The modest mechanism that underpins a global revolution.
  • Has advertising failed? A quick dash through the land of acronyms – and a world of hurt.
  • What is being done. A high level overview of the advertising projects & concepts in play.
  • Will it work? Don’t believe the hype – or get on board the blockchain bandwagon?