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Festival of Creativity
27 - 29 September 2017


Supporting Material Guidelines

It’s important to remember there are strict rules about adding extra information or replacing files once you’ve submitted your entry. Please make sure you are absolutely ready to submit before you pay. 

If new results are collected after the entry has been paid for, we will only accept additional written information in the results section of the entry form up to 01 August 2017. This does not apply to entry media e.g. case films and JPGs, which cannot be updated under any circumstances.


Compulsory Material Checklist

All case films and presentation images must be in English. The maximum length for a case film is two minutes (120 seconds).

Work which was not originally published in English can be translated or subtitled exactly as it was published or aired so that they can be understood by the English-speaking jury.

If translating original video work, please note that dubbing is not allowed. Voiceovers can be translated but visible speech must be kept in the original language and subtitled.

Supporting materials must not contain any reference to your agency or any contributing creative companies or individuals.


Labelling and delivery instructions

Entry Labels: The individual entry labels provided with your confirmation email, after payment. Labels have individual entry numbers which are specific to your entries and are vital for us to identify your physical material when they arrive. The entry labels must be attached to the board, proof or supporting material, as appropriate.

Package Address Labels: On your confirmation email, there will be a package address label for the outside of your package(s). Instructions on where and how to attach them are in your confirmation email. You can also download them from your online account. We are unable to accept entry materials which are not labeled correctly.

Large Items: If your physical support materials are oversized or require assembly instructions please contact awards@spikes.asia

You must cover all courier and mailing costs in advance, to secure the delivery of your materials. The Festival Organisers cannot accept responsibility for packages at any stage of transit. If entries are lost, held up at customs or require payment for delivery, the resolution is the sole responsibility of the entrant.

A Customs Invoice should be included in your consignment, saying: ‘Festival Material - No Commercial Value’. A nominal amount of money, e.g. SGD1.50 per material, can be stated if necessary.

Products should be insured against damage or loss in transit or on Festival premises. We do not accept any liability for any loss, damage or expense incurred.

Physical support material becomes the property of the Festival Organisers once it has been received. We cannot return materials to entrants after judging. In exceptional circumstances and at the Festival's discretion, we may agree to return large or valuable items, however, this must be pre-agreed with the Festival in writing and all transit costs must be covered by the entrant. Please email awards@spikes.asia for more info.

Image File Format Guidelines

Digital presentation image 

A visual presentation of your work, including images and English text. 100 max words text, covering the brief, execution, and results. 

Specifications: JPG, CMYK, 7063 x 5008 pixels, 5 - 15MB.


Unmounted Presentation Image

The physical version of your digital presentation image, printed on flexible paper.

Specifications: 594mm x 420mm.

Mounted Presentation Image

The physical version of your digital presentation image, printed on thin cardboard or foam board.

Specifications: 594mm x 420mm (as above).


Digital Proof

The digital version of the original advertisement or execution, exactly as it ran. 

Specifications: JPG, CMYK, 7063 x 5008 pixels, 5 - 15MB. 

Unmounted Proof

The physical version of your digital proof, to be used for judging. A high-quality print of the execution, on flexible paper. Do not glue on to card. 

Specifications: 594mm x 420mm.

Mounted Proof

The physical version of your digital proof, to be used for judging. A high-quality print of the execution, on flexible paper mounted / glued onto thin cardboard or foamboard. 

Specifications: 594mm x 420mm (as above).


Scale Drawing 

Digital image of a scale drawing of the final product showing scale and measured 1st or 3rd angle projections.

Specifications: JPG, CMYK, 7063 x 5008 pixels, 5 - 15MB.

Supporting Image 

Digital images that may help support your entry in the jury room. Maximum 5. Only to be included if necessary and relevant. 

Specifications: JPG, CMYK, 7063 x 5008 pixels, 5 -15mb.


Video File Format Guidelines

Please supply a high quality video as .MOV or .MP4. The maximum file size is 350mb

Aspect Ratio






Full HD 1080p

1920 x 1080


AAC, Stereo, 48kHz

HD 720p

1280 x 720




4:3 or 16:9



AAC, Stereo, 48kHz















Case Film 

Maximum Length: 2 minutes (120 seconds).

A short film explaining your work. Content includes the brief, execution and results. This will be used in judging and displayed publicly, including on the winners website. Case films should be in English.


The original film advertisement or content, exactly as it aired. No extra slates or information. Work which is not in English should be subtitled, so that it can be understood in English, exactly as it was published or aired. Please note that dubbing is not allowed. Voiceovers can be translated but visible speech must be kept in the original language and subtitled.

Example Film Entry

Demo Film 

Maximum Length: 2 minutes (120 seconds)

Depending on the Spike being entered, this is either a ‘making of’, a recording of the activation in action or a walk through showing the specific elements of your work. Demo Films should be in English.

Example 'Walk through' Demo Film

Example 'Making of' Demo Film

Award Show Film 
Maximum Length: 30-45 seconds
A shorter, edited version of your case film. This will be shown at the award show, should your work win gold. It will not be shown to the jury. Award Show Films should be in English.

Example Awards Show Film


In order to avoid your work being withdrawn from the festival, your URL must be accessible online until 30 October 2017.

URLs must start with ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ and preferably accessible without a login or password.

 Content URL 

Direct link to your digital execution e.g. website, microsite, app download page or social media page.

Example of a website entry
Example of a microsite entry
Example of an app download page
Example social media post
Example social media post

Video URL

Direct link to where the digital video aired.

Example Video URL

Presentation Webpage URL 

If your direct link is not in English, you may provide a URL which leads to a page which explains your work in English.

Example Supporting Webpage URL

Other File Formats

Radio File 

MP3 audio file of original radio advertisement, as it aired. 
Specifications: 258 kbps preferred, 128 kbps = minimum accepted.

Radio Script 

English script of original radio advertisement. Scripts will be read by the jury and should exactly replicate the original version as it aired.

Supporting Content 

Any supporting documents, videos, or radio files which are relevant to your entry.

Creative Effectiveness Appendix 

A collection of supplementary material to support the written submission. Could include graphs, diagrams, press clippings, screen grabs, original source data submitted as a single PDF file.