Festival Representatives

Connecting you to Spikes Asia through the year

Our network of official Representatives are champions for creativity in their respective corners of the region. They support their local agencies and clients, working together to give them the best possible shot at success at the Festival.

How your Representative can help:

  1. Nominating jury members 
    Each year, Representatives identify their country’s best creative talent and nominate exemplary industry members for places in the Spikes Asia Juries, ensuring the most qualified, balanced judging panels.
  2. Organising local Young Spikes Competitions
    Representatives put together teams of budding industry stars to take part in the annual Young Spikes competitions.
  3. Hosting Local Awards Ceremonies
    Following the annual Festival, Representatives organise local celebrations, honouring the winners from Spikes Asia and Cannes Lions.
  4. Showing screenings of the work
    If you didn’t get a chance to come to Spikes Asia or catch all the winners while you were there, your Representative will get you up to speed.

The Misfits Media Company

Catriona Hay
GM – Commercial


Roaring Lions

Roaring Lions was formed to represent Cannes Lions in Bangladesh and will be carrying out activities such as organising exhibitions, updating mailing list, ensuring entries, and showcasing of winners' reels. A dedicated team will be provided for the promotional activities for Roaring Lions.

Sarah Ali
Managing Partner
+880-2-884-5133 ext: 1111

Shariful Islam
Managing Partner
+880-2-989-04 82; +880-2-881-53-18

Liton Baul
Marketing Director
+880-2-989-04-82; +880-2-881-53-18


Sarah Jia Xue
00 86 10 63317498

Chinese Taipei


kleinerfisch.com is a social enterprise promoting creative brand communications in Taiwan. Working closely with advertising agencies and trade organisations, the company focuses on maximising the influence of Cannes Lions in Taiwan, organising Young Lions and Young Spikes competitions, delegations to Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, and other festivals within the Cannes Lions portfolio. Kleinerfisch also offers seminars, talks, events, cross-agency creative camps and internal creative training for creative agencies. It publishes the Cannes Lions Chinese annual which has more than 100% penetration in major advertising and digital agencies in Taiwan.

Jacqueline Lai
+886 2 2629 9577

Hong Kong

Please contact Ryhn Lee. Thank you.


The Times of India

Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd (BCCL) is a pioneer; the largest media house and the world’s largest English daily, i.e. The Times of India. Apart from in print, BCCL also has presence in TV, radio, retail and services and on the internet.

Shambhavi Mishra
Times of India Group

Nandan Srinath
Times of India Group


PT Gaya Favorit Press (Femina Group)

Established 37 years ago, continuously innovative and focused on its quality Femina Group is now one of the leading publishers in Indonesia. Its portfolio consist now of seven licenses and seven home-grown titles in "edutainment" and lifestyle.

Femina Group ranks one of the highest in the Indonesian adex. The growth was result of its strong editorial and marketing team supported by an infrastucture of modern printing facilities, subscription interactive group, radio and event productions.

Fatka Ridwan
+62 21 5266666

Sabrina Haunan
+62 21 5266666

Olla Andriyani
+62 21 5266666


Toei Advertising

Takuma Ito
+81 3 3271 28 21

Makoto Ishida
+81 3 3271 28 21


Sledgehammer Communications (M) Sdn Bhd

Sledgehammer Communications is a publisher of advertising trade magazines in Malaysia and Indonesia, running industry events like the Malaysian CMO Conference, Malaysian Media Conference and the Creative All-Stars Conference. Sledgehammer is also the yearly publisher of the Malaysian and Indonesian Advertising Directory, which has been operating for 18 years.

Harmandar Singh
Regional CEO

Ruby Lim
Office Manager


Mongolian Marketing Association

The Mongolian Marketing Association is the most prominent, non-profit marketing organisation that seeks to facilitate development of marketing in all business and non-business sectors of Mongolia in scientific way, up to the standard achieved by developed countries.

Bum-Erdene Dulam
(976) 99103955

Khandsuren Lkhamsuren
(976) 99792900


The Himalayan Times

The largest selling English language daily in Nepal, The Himalayan Times is actively involved and touches all spheres of Nepalese life. From the annual International Food Festival, TGIF Fashion Week, Brand Summit, Education Fairs, Music and the Arts, THT represents the youth of Nepal and all things creative.

Ravin Lama
Managing Director

Bhawana Maskey
+977-1- 42770504

New Zealand

Please contact Ryhn Lee. Thank you.


Sarmad Ali
Jang Media Group
+92 1 3 263 5018, +92 1 3 262 6704

Aneek Saleh
Jang Media Group
+92 1 3 263 5018, +92 1 3 262 6704

Fatima Zakir
Jang Media Group
+92 1 3 263 5018, +92 1 3 262 6704


Please contact Ryhn Lee. Thank you.

South Korea

A&F Korea

A&F is a media company in Korea, publishing online and offline news and media content, including Newdaily, one of the most renowned daily online newspapers.

A&F Korea is dedicated to celebrating creative excellence in the advertising and marketing industry. A&F provides the industry's foremost creative meeting place - with a searchable archive of the winning creative works and creative-related news and articles. A&F operates a website, mobile applications, blog, Facebook, and twitter.

A&F has been Korea’s official representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for eight years. It carries out activities such as organising exhibitions, seminars, and showcasing of Cannes Lions winners' reels.

Mr Sungbok LEE
A&F Korea
+82-2-757 1730

Mr Hyunho IM
A&F Korea
+82-2-757 1730

Ms Innes EUN
A&F Korea
+82 2 757 1830

Ms Olive KIM (Maternity leave)
A&F Korea
+82-2-757 1730

Ms Kyung eun KWON
A&F Korea
+82-2-757 1730

Sri Lanka

Metal Factor

Metal Factor is a partnership between industry professionals established to help Sri Lanka’s advertising industry and its professionals to achieve global standards through learning, exposure and interaction.

Ranil de Silva
Managing Director
+94 11 237 2087


Day Poets Co, Ltd

a day magazine is a monthly, inspired and creative magazine that supports and covers the Thai creative industry and publishes special editions, organises exhibitions, features in-depth articles, has a daily-updated blog, and broadcasts TV programmes.

Siwapark Jianwanalee
Editor-in-Chief of a day magazine

The Philippines

The Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is undeniably the country’s most credible and influential newspaper. With over 2.7 million nationwide readers daily, it enjoys a market share of over 50% and tops the readership surveys.

Not only is it the most read among all sectors and ages, it is also the country’s most trusted source of hard-hitting news and countless exposes. Distinguished by award-giving bodies like the Catholic Mass Media Awards, Jaime Ongpin Awards for Investigative Journalism, Anvil Awards and IFRA Asia Media Awards, it is the Philippines’ most awarded broadsheet with over 400 awards and citations.

With four regional bureaus, over 130 provincial correspondents nationwide and four printing presses in Cebu, Davao, Laguna and Manila, Inquirer delivers news to the provinces faster and more effectively than its competitors. It’s website, www.Inquirer.net, is ranked among the world’s most visited news sites, averaging one million page views a day.

For 27 years, the Inquirer has been reaping the rewards of its hard work. AC Nielsen, Asia Research Organization and Newspaper Dealers’ Association surveys say Inquirer tops readership and sales. It is also the most innovative broadsheet with special niche sections for the youth, children, culture, society and even golf enthusiasts.

Its meaningful goal of making a difference in the everyday life of Filipinos continues to be the driving force behind its journalistic and corporate initiatives. As the country’s no. 1 newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer will remain steadfast in its commitment to bring “Balanced news, fearless views” to readers when and where it matters.

Connie Kalagayan
63 2 8978808 local 352

Bianca Kasilag-Macahilig
63 2 8978808 local 352

Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez
63 2 8978808 local 352

Rene Reinoso
63 2 8978808 local 352


AIM Academy

AIM Academy is the central hub of extensive initiatives to elevate the standards of Marketing & Communications industry in Vietnam via hands-on training, industry networking, and exposure to global festivals.

Since established in 2011, AIM Academy has been committed to developing and connecting talents, as well as promoting international awards to the industry. With constant devotion, AIM Academy envisions one day Vietnam will mark its name on the map of global Marketing & Communications landscape.

Pham Thi Dieu Anh
Managing Director
+84 903 738 228