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Anne-Marie Andrada

Creative Director

Print & Publishing
Radio & Audio

Havas Riverorchid, CAMBODIA

Anne-Marie is a writer and as a copy-based Creative Director, she has helped build brands in Cambodia and the Philippines.

She believes campaigns can be creative and make a difference in the lives of people. To that end, she has crafted award-winning, effective campaigns across FMCG and CSR sectors and has helped lead her team to garner recognition from the MAA Globes, New York Festivals, and the PMAA Dragons of Asia for the UNICEF Barriers to Employability Video Campaign; the MAA Globes and the PMAA for Unilever RICE (Rural Integrated Community Experience); and the Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Awards (AMES) and the Effies for the Unilever Fun Fair.

Anne-Marie loves both films and movies (yes, they’re two different things!) and learned how to load film and hot splice as a Fulbright scholar. Her father cultivated in her a curiosity for the origin of words; her mother - a love of make-up; and her brother - a love of animation. She re-reads Jane Austen and Tolkien; is both a Jedi and a Gilmore Girl; regards Maya Angelou as her spiritual grandmother; and would like to be a poet when she grows up.

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