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Creative Data Spikes

The Creative Data Spikes celebrate the interplay of ideas and information.

Entries should demonstrate how the work was enhanced by the creative and strategic use, interpretation, analysis or application of data and insights. The data-driven strategy must sit at the core of the idea and the results / impact must be clear and robust.


A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 30% strategy; 20% application; 20% innovation; 30% impact and results.

There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Creative Data as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

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A. Analytics & Insights

The strategic use of insights and analytical technologies

A01 Social Data & Insight.
The creative interpretation of data specifically generated from social media platforms in order to target, engage or develop a relationship with a specific audience or community. Insights gained through the strategic use of social data and associated targeting methods will be considered.

A02 Creative Data Collection & Research.
Data-driven research (including market research), data sourcing and/or data aggregation, carried out in order to deliver a stronger campaign or brand strategy. Entries should thoroughly outline how the selected processes, research methodologies, technologies, channels and/or resources influenced the overall outcome.

A03 Innovative use of Analytics.
The strategic use of progressive or original analytical technologies in order to better understand the consumer or produce compelling insight.

B. Strategy & Techniques

The strategic use of data to build a powerful brand narrative.

B01 Data-driven Targeting & Personalisation.
The creative use or interpretation of data to deliver an effective audience segmentation strategy. Entries should demonstrate how data contributed either to programmatic targeting or provided a key quantitative insight that helped define the target and specific consumer groups, brand message or channel, allowed for better personalisation or increased a brand’s position in the market.

B02 Use of Real-time Data.
Data created or used in real-time, which provides dynamic content or enables an on-going consumer relationship. Entries should clearly demonstrate the responsive relationship between real-time data and the strategic output, showing how the data improved the consumer experience by making the work more relevant, timely or personalised.

B03 Data Storytelling.
The strategic use of data to convey a powerful brand narrative. Entries should show how data driven insight increased consumer engagement or how messages derived from data were presented to provide successful brand / consumer stories.

B04 Data-enhanced Creativity.
Creative work elevated through the use of data or data-driven methods, including but not limited to, personalisation and interactivity. The enhancement should demonstrably improve both the customer experience and the outcome.

B05 Data Integration.
The integration of multiple data streams to provide new insights from planning through to delivery of a creative campaign or brand strategy. This may include, but is not limited to, data collection, fusion, technology enabled integration of data from various sources and connecting data streams.

C. Use of Data Technologies & Tools

C01 Customer / Business Intelligence.
Strategic use of technologies that aid the interpretation of raw consumer and business data into meaningful information. Entries in this category should demonstrate how the creative use of technology had a direct impact on the overall engagement strategy.

C02 Data-driven Consumer Product.
Physical or digital products created using data and research. Work which clearly demonstrates how data has contributed to the development of the product and how the product met business objectives. Sales data and ongoing data based product improvements will be considered.

C03 Data Visualisation.
Bespoke visualisations of complex data that communicates information clearly and efficiently to consumers in a way that led to a change in behaviour. Including online dynamic, static, interactive or real-time infographics and offline visualisations such as visual installations and activations.

C04 Innovative Use of Data Technology.
The creative and strategic use of new or existing data driven technology, including but not limited to, models, tools, platforms, apps and algorithms. Entries must demonstrate how the application or invention of data technology enhanced the brand's strategy and creative message. Strategic collaborations with technology providers will also be considered.

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