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Digital Craft Spikes

The Digital Craft Spikes celebrate technological artistry.

Entries should demonstrate exceptional form and function in a digital context; work with flawless design, masterful execution and outstanding user experience created for all digital environments.


Criteria considered during judging will predominantly be the execution and experience.

There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Digital Craft as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

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A. Form

The overall creative aesthetic value of the work entered in both sound and visuals.

A01 UI.
The interactive journey created through the transference of a brand’s visual assets to a digital product or service; with particular focus on the overall consistency in presentation, look, feel and interaction.

A02 Digital Illustration.
Creative application of illustration within a digital context, including 3D modelling.

A03 Video / Moving Image.
Creative use of online video and digital footage with technical skill involved, including 360 and interactive video.

A04 Digital Image Design.
Creative use of still images including photography, artwork, image manipulation.

A05 Music / Sound Design.
Creative use of music and / or sound design including sonic branding and music initiated work etc.

A06 Overall Aesthetic Design.
The overall achievement in aesthetic composition and fluidity of graphic design.

B. Function

The practical use and/or purpose in the creative design, operation and performance. All digital entries including mobile can be entered multiple times in this section.

B01 UX & Journey Design.
Design practice focused on the emotional and behavioural response to a digital product or service with relevant, seamless and consistent user experience at every point of interaction.

B02 Native & Built-in Feature Integration .
The creative use of built-in and existing integral features of a mobile, desktop or other digital device including cameras, microphones, touchscreens, Bluetooth, mobile sensors, GPS etc.

B03 Experience Design: Multi-platform.
Immersive digital experiences and events which engage and strengthen relationships with the consumer. This may include, but is not limited to VR, AR, installations, motion chairs, multi-screen and multi-dimensional experiences.

B04 Overall Functional Design.
The overall excellence in performance of all user functions of a digital product or service.

B05 Websites / Microsites.
Long-term or short term site destinations for a brand, product or service.

C. Data

The presentation of data and artificial intelligence utilised to enhance brand experience.

C01 Curation of Data.
The creative tracking and / or collection of personal and big data to enhance user experience, design and content in a significant way. This may include but is not limited to, non-traditional interface, transactional / non-transactional, active / passive user data capture, social listening / analytics, GPS, internet of things, biometrics etc.

C02 Data Storytelling.
The creative use of data to convey a brand story. Focus will be placed on how the curated data / insight was used in order to engage or develop a meaningful relationship with a specific audience, culture or community.

C03 Data Visualisation.
Creative visual representation and presentation of digital data and insights.

D. Technology

The value of the applied technology as a platform for creative digital content and how it is executed to enhance the user experience.

D01 New Realities & Voice Activation.
The creative application of augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality or voice activation

D02 Innovative Use of Technology.
The innovative use of an existing or new digital technology in order to enhance the user experience and / or brand communication.

D03 Technological Achievement in Digital Craft.
Digital work that balances aesthetic craft with technical understanding / advancement in digital communications / experiences.

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