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Social & Influencer Spikes

The Social & Influencer Spikes celebrate creative social thinking and strategic influencer marketing solutions.

Entries should demonstrate how levels of engagement, social reach and the creative use of social media, brand ambassadors and influencers led to commercial success.


A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 30% Idea; 20% strategy; 20% execution; 30% results. There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Social & Influencer as long as the categories chosen are relevant. However, the same piece of work may only be entered once in ‘A. Social & Influencer: Sectors’.

Explore the categories

A. Social & Influencer: Sectors

The same entry can be submitted only once in this section.

A01 Consumer Goods.
All fast moving & durable consumer goods, including food and drinks, toiletries, cleaning products, other household goods, other FMCG, clothing and accessories, furniture, consumer electronics, cars and automotive products & services.
* All fast food entries should go in A03. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains.

A02 Healthcare.
Pharma, OTC drugs, wellness.

A03 Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains.
All transport and travel related services, including public transport and tourism boards. All entertainment and leisure related services, including museums, festivals and gyms. All shops, including online shopping, opticians, hairdressers and estate agents. All restaurants and fast food chains, including cafes and bars.

A04 Media / Entertainment.
Music, film, television, publications & media, books, news, digital platforms, other media.

A05 Consumer Services / Business to Business.
Legal, financial, B2B technology, consultancies & professional services, other business services, internal & corporate communications.

A06 Not-for-profit / Charity / Government.
Government, public information, other not-for-profit, military, charities, non-profit.
* All CSR work should be entered in the relevant sector and/or D07. Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility category in section D. Culture & Context.

B. Social Insights & Engagement

Work in these categories will be judged on how successfully social was used to engage with online communities and deliver measurable and meaningful results for a brand.

B01 Community Management.
Social activity that is designed to engage, build or maintain an online social community. Engagement levels and the relevance of targeted communications directed at active / non-active users will all be considered.

B02 Real-time Response.
Targeted social activity that utilises social platforms to respond to world events, public affairs and other real-time activity in a meaningful, time sensitive and creative way, which prompts social sharing and engagement.

B03 Social Data & Insight.
Social campaigns elevated through their use of data and insights to engage or develop a meaningful relationship with a specific audience or community. Insights gained through the strategic application of social data / analytics will be considered.

B04 Innovative Use of Community.
Creative use of existing social platforms and/or online communities to impact business objectives or enhance a relationships with a brand, community or consumers. This may also include the use of new functions built for existing social platforms, levels of engagement, social reach and the creative strategy etc.

C. Social Content Marketing

Work in these categories will be judged on how successfully content was used to engage with consumers and target audiences.

C01 Content Placement.
Content and editorial strategy and placement using social channels. The strategic arrangement and curation of appropriate content that may either drive or enhance a wider social campaign.

C02 Innovative Use of Influencers.
Creative use of influencers, including but not limited to, unique content created by an influencer for the primary purpose of increasing a brand or organisation’s reach and awareness and/or to drive business results.

C03 Co-Creation & User Generated Content.
Social activity designed to encourage a community / fanbase to contribute or collaborate with a brand initiative to enhance loyalty and engagement.

C04 Social Commerce.
Work which harnesses social media and social platforms for eCommerce and mCommerce to drive business results.

C05 Emerging Platforms.
Creative use of emerging social platforms to impact business objectives and / or to enhance relationships with a brand, community or consumers.

D. Culture & Context

Work which is brought to life through cultural insights and regional context.

D01 Local Brand.
Work for brands which are only distributed in a single locality or market that resonated with a specific target audience.

D02 Challenger Brand.
Brands which have creatively adapted their approach in response to competitor pressure by challenging the status quo to create game-changing work that uses progressive thinking and innovative creativity.

D03 Single-market Campaign.
Work which aired or ran in a single country / region / market. Entries should describe how the campaign was designed for the specific target market.

D04 Social Behaviour.
Work inspired by a specific audience / community, hinging on identifiable social behaviour.

D05 Cultural Insight.
Work inspired by a specific cultural insight stemming from the ideas, customs, values and lifestyles found within a specific region or locality.

D06 Breakthrough on a Budget.
Creative use of modest budgets and/or resources in relation to the market and/or industry to create maximum impact. Entries should demonstrate how fresh insight, smart spending and compelling strategic thinking solved a business problem despite limited resources.

D07 Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility.
Purpose driven work / brand activism which address social, ethical and environmental issues. Entries should demonstrate how the brand’s purpose has created value and impacted communities by connecting customers to culture.

D08 Market Disruption.
Brands that have creatively adapted their strategy in response to local / regional / global issues, embracing new ways of delivering their brand while showing consideration for the consumer.

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