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Glass: The Award For Change Spikes

Glass: The Award for Change celebrates culture-shifting creativity.

Entries should demonstrate ideas intended to change the world; work which sets out to positively impact ingrained gender inequality, imbalance or injustice.

The Glass Award recognises work that implicitly or explicitly addresses issues of gender inequality or prejudice, through the conscious representation of gender in advertising.


The same piece of work can only be entered once into Glass.

Entries into Glass can be for any commercial or non-commercial client, regardless of the product or service being advertised, or the medium of communication.

All entry fees for Glass are donated to related-charities which will be announced nearer to the festival dates.

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A. Glass: The Award for Change

We recognise the power of creativity to positively impact not only businesses and brands, but also the world at large. This Award rewards creative work which rejects gender stereotypes and confronts prejudice and inequality by representing the gendering of individuals people in a progressive or socially conscious way.

A01 Glass.
Work entered into this Spike can be for any product or service and designed for any medium, but will in some way represent a shift towards more positive, progressive and gender-aware communication.

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