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Innovation Spikes

The Innovation Spikes celebrate ground-breaking innovation, technology and problem solving. Standalone technological solutions including tools, products, models, platforms and other forms of ad tech will also be recognised, as well as creative campaigns utilising new tech.


Entrants must be in a position to fully demonstrate the technology. Concepts alone will not be permitted. The same piece of work can only be entered once into Innovation. Shortlisted entrants will be required to present their work to the jury online.

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A. Innovation

A01 Innovative Technology.
Standalone, technological solutions not in association with a brand or creative work. Non-brand-aligned, breakthrough technology that aims to advance, enrich or improve. Including, but not limited to, data-led technologies, innovative platforms, tools, models, programmes, hardware, software, bespoke products and solutions.

A02 Applied Innovation.
Innovative solutions in association with a brand or creative work. Brand-aligned, breakthrough and revolutionary ideas with forward-thinking methods that are rooted in finding solutions to brand challenges and / or propelling a brand forward.

A03 Scalable Innovation.
The scaling out of an innovation or creative work enhanced by new tech or forward-thinking ideas, going beyond its original objectives and goals to reach new heights.
* You may have entered Innovation Spikes in previous years but must show a marked development in your innovation since your previous submission.

A04 Early-stage Technology.
Work that is still in the testing, prototype and beta stages of creation. Including, but not limited to, work that is still attracting funding or only operating at a fraction of the projected scale.
* Entries must still be demonstrable at presentation stage. Concepts alone will not be permitted.

A05 Brand Strategy & Experience.
Innovative strategic solutions to brand challenges that have a tangible impact on customer experience. Brand positioning achieved through the launch of a new product/service, customer experience or relationship model as part of the branded communications plan.

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