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Design Spikes

The Design Spikes celebrate visual craftsmanship.

Entries should demonstrate how design has been used to define a brand or communicate its key messages; work in which a unique visual identity leads to consumer recognition or understanding.


A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 40% idea; 40% execution; 20% results.

There is no overall limit to how many times the same piece of work can be entered into Design as long as the categories chosen are relevant.

Explore the categories

A. Comprehensive Branding Programmes

Celebrating work across multiple brand touchpoints and media platforms. Entries should demonstrate the brand experience across a variety of media including, but not limited to, packaging, print, brand collateral, digital content, environments and film content.

A01 Creation of a new Brand Identity.
Creation of a new brand or corporate identity for any product, service or organisation.
* Please provide at least 3 examples of the new branding in situ.

A02 Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand.
Rebrand / refresh of an existing brand identity for any product, service or organisation.
* Please provide examples of the previous branding for comparison.

B. Communication Design

Please supply a demo film showcasing the design element of the work.

B01 Books.
Including, but not limited to, editorial and cover design for printed books.
* Please indicate in your submission whether you would like the cover or the whole book to be considered / judged.

E-Books should be entered into C01. Digital & Interactive Design.

B02 Publications & Brand Collateral.
Including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, brochures, articles, press/media kits, games, branded stationery, etc.
* Online publications should be entered into C01. Digital & Interactive Design

B03 Posters.
Poster design for the use of promotion and brand communication.
* Poster campaigns of 2+ executions should be entered together as a single entry.

Concepts conceived for another medium and applied to a poster format are not eligible in this category.

B04 Self-promotion.
Any type of media format designed by agencies to promote themselves.

C. Digital & Interactive Design

C01 Digital & Interactive Design.
Digital design including but not limited to websites, microsites, online publications, digital installations, apps, data visualisation etc.

D. Brand Environment & Experience Design

Work focused on the personal experience of the brand story or message as told in space and in time, demonstrating why the target audience found the experience remarkable, meaningful and memorable.

D01 Retail Environment & Experience Design.
The design and construction of a permanent or temporary retail space / installation. Entries should demonstrate functionality, presentation of the brand values and ease of sale. Including, but not limited to, pop-up stores, seasonal displays, mobile demo units, department and specialist stores, banks, salons etc.
* Please supply 3-5 images in JPG format showing different views of the interior or exhibition, including a floor plan or layout if possible.

D02 Point of Sales, Consumer Touchpoints & In-store Collateral.
In-store communications in order to drive immediate sales including, but not limited to, posters, on-shelf communication, physical or digital POS, visual merchandising, product displays, retail fixtures, shopping bags, gift wrapping, catalogues and other post-purchase collateral.
* Entries should show the work within a sales environment.

D03 Events Storytelling.
Attendees' physical and emotional journey that enhances the key messaging of the event through narrative and storytelling. The elements of focus include the use of technology, interactivity and the multisensory experience.

D04 Spatial & Sculptural Exhibitions and Experiences.
Exhibitions / experiences that make use of community & public spaces. Including, but not limited to, how the space is curated, designed and built to enhance the experience of the attendee.

D05 Multi Channel Experience.
Work designed for multiple online or offline channels which demonstrates a holistic user experience across multiple touchpoints.

E. Packaging

Please supply a sample of the actual packaging piece or range.

E01 Consumer Goods.
All fast moving & durable consumer goods, including food and drinks, toiletries, cleaning products, other household goods, other FMCG, clothing and accessories, furniture, consumer electronics, cars and automotive products & services.

E02 Beauty / Healthcare.
Beauty products & cosmetics, pharma, OTC drugs and wellness.

E03 Consumer Durables.
Consumer technology, homeware, furniture, lighting, toys, fashion, home appliances, other durables.

F. Products

Design that increases brand value through functional and aesthetic resolution demonstrating brand qualities / product identity through form, function, usability, aesthetics, problem solving, production, research and manufacturability.

Products must have been available for purchase within the festival’s eligibility dates. Please send physical samples for the jury to experience.

F01 Consumer Products.
Consumer technology, homeware, furniture, lighting, toys, fashion, home appliances, other durables.

F02 Environmental / Social Impact.
The use of product design to positively impact society. This may include but is not limited to, education, health, medical, global social challenges etc.

F03 Innovative solutions.
The use of new technologies, depth of development, techniques, methods and materials to create a truly innovative product with design solutions that enhance the quality of life through their functionality, problem solving, ease of use, ergonomics and product compliance with appropriate standards.

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